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As a trusted real estate group, Champagne & Parisi, LLC. and through them,, is here solely to make your real estate experience as easy, safe and profitable as possible. We pride ourselves on our development of a trusting client base who comfortably recommend us to their friends and family knowing we will treat their loved ones respectfully and professionally. We wouldn't have been able to develop such a reputation without the utmost care for your personal privacy and protection, and that is what this page is all about.

This page is an affirmation that any and all personal information that we gain from you, either online or in person, will be used solely by our own company and will never be sold to any other third party; the only reason this information will ever be used is to, as stated, help you and make your life easier. For example, when you fill out our online contact form with your personal contact information, we may use that information to call you, consult with you and assist you, but never to abuse your trust or maliciously profit from you in anyway.

Anonymous Information does use some forms of anonymous tracking such as cookies and scripts to gain an accurate idea how our visitors utilize our site, and help our agents to understand what type of property that you may be interested in, while doing so to better improve the site to make it more helpful to future visitors like yourself. We do reserve the right to use this information to improve our site, which may include sharing this anonymous data with third parties who have the tools and resources to do so.

Terms of Use

This website is not intended and does not claim to replace financial, investment or legal advice from a qualified professional. Through we will always do our best to provide you accurate and up-to-date information when it comes to listings, prices and anything else, but due to the volatile nature of real estate some information may change quickly and without warning. Thus, as a visitor to your use of this site is an acknowledgment that information gained through is to be used at your own risk.

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